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Smart corporate cards for everyone on your team

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Kite works for every business and employee

When you want to control where employees are spending, track your cost centers, help employees save tax, plan next month’s budget, hand out rewards, and more, Kite has you covered.

Kite’s powerful technology, packaged with smart corporate cards, gives you 100% accurate and real-time data on every transaction by any employee, from the CEO to a fleet driver.

Kite’s AI-powered card and technology help your business thrive in the
new digital economy

Policy-linked card controls
and instant alerts

Set custom card controls and program anything from your company policy into Kite, including your employee hierarchy, TA/DA allowance, spend categories and cost centers. Kite then works on autopilot and raises instant alerts for out-of-policy expenses.

“It took us just a few hours to set up the company policy on Kite. Now I get alerts from any part of the country, wherever my employees are.”
Rishab Jain
Director | Rishab Global industries Pvt Ltd

Automated receipt entries

Say goodbye to faded receipts, duplicate entries, and incorrect records. Kite Bot™ uses advanced OCR technology to automate receipt uploads, even validating the GSTIN and checking for anomalies.

“With Kite, my employees no longer have to worry about faded or lost receipts, and quickly file their expenses every day on the go. It helps save time and plug leakages.”
Deepak Jha
CFO | Radisson Blu Greater Noida

Smarter business
travel management

Control all your business travel expenses on one interface. Kite’s travel approval and invoice tool syncs company policy with travel approvals, letting employees, managers, and travel admins quickly book flights or hotels within budget. 

“It takes me much less time to approve employee travel, because Kite ensures every request is in line with company policy. My team and I are both happier and more productive.”
Sachin Gupta
Head of Finance | LT Foods Limited

Calculate your potential GST savings with Kite

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GST savings up to 28%

Let Kite be your new GST expert. Receive automated reports with each credit-eligible transaction. Now start saving tax even on employee expenses.

Real-time alerts and analytics

Kite Insights™ detects policy violations and predicts future cost patterns. Track and cut expenses in real time with customized reports, leakage alerts, and industry-specific tips.


Link Kite to your accounting or ERP systems like Tally, SAP, QuickBooks, and Oracle. Your existing data flows seamlessly the moment you onboard.

“Cash management at our branches has become so easy thanks to Kite. It’s mostly digitally managed now.”

- Bahdhur Ali, Managing Director

“Our target is to bring down our cash expenditure to less than 1% and a tool like Kite is very helpful for that.”

- Sanjay Sarkar, Vice President of Sales

“I didn’t think we could save so much GST on employee expenses too. This is a real eye-opener and am looking forward to using Kite to save more GST every year.”

- Harbeer Banga, Director

“I can’t believe that a solution as powerful as Kite is also so affordable. I pay a fraction of the cost of some other much less effective software tools we have to use.”

- Akash Agarwal, CEO

“I had given up on trying to track my company’s expenses accurately and counted leakages as a business cost. But now, Kite saves me a few lakhs every month.”

- Ankur Gugar, Finance Head

Top industry leaders are switching to new-age finance with Kite