Kite Powers A New, More

Transparent Digital Economy.

At Kite, we care about the work we do, how we do it, and with whom we do it. We're a results- and mission-driven group of people from varying backgrounds—and we're not afraid to use our experiences and passion to make a difference.


We want to drive people to be their best, do their best, and make an impact. We innovate through the cutting-edge languages and technologies we use: think Kotlin, React, Tableau, AWS, microservices using Spring Cloud, AngularJS, and open-source projects.


We engage with real people in our research every day, ensuring that we all keep our ear to the ground (including through mandatory regular customer service shifts)


We want to power a new, more transparent digital economy; we’re always looking 10 steps ahead, which involves working on some of the most defining issues of the 21st century


We care about accountability and transparency; active dialogue drives us forward, and encourages each of us to be responsible members of our communities


Working at Kite involves a lot of flexibility, but also some self-guidance and self-awareness. To show how much we trust each other, we use a system of guidelines—and some policies—to let everyone work in a way that works best for them. When we work independently, our products also reflect our commitment to giving our customers the financial independence and flexibility they deserve.


People of all backgrounds—regardless of caste, class, religion, gender, sexual orientation, physical ability, and more—should see Kite as a welcoming and positive place to work and contribute. When all communities have a seat at the table at Kite, then we hold ourselves accountable to our mission in ways that do justice to all of our experiences.

Perks of working at kite

Making work flexible

We love giving the Kite Crew the flexibility they need, making Kite as enjoyable and productive a space for single parents, night owls, and fitness geeks alike. We provide generous leave guidelines, encourage experimenting with remote working, and value results over timesheet-friendly hours.

What’s cooking?

There’s always something going on in the Kit(e)chen! As part of the Kite Crew, you’ll enjoy a constant flow of chai and coffee at all hours of the day, witty banter over lunch, Friday beer and milkshake parties, and a (healthy?) chocolate addiction.

A smooth move (to Delhi)

We offer generous relocation benefits to make sure that everyone feels at home in Delhi. Just a stone’s throw away from the Lotus Temple, Kite office is in a city with as many historical monuments and unique cuisines as there are people.

Work healthy, play healthy

The Kite Crew works best when it’s happy and healthy. We host weekly fitness classes, regular work breaks and exciting team outings.

Learn on the job

The Kite Odyssey program is the centrepiece of our learning-focused culture. Conduct independent research, lead interdisciplinary projects, organize and attend speaker sessions—and read tons and tons of books from our library.

Be yourself!

This is so important to us, we’re saying it twice: everyone has the right to be their total selves at work. We make sure everyone—regardless of caste, gender, religion, sexual orientation, physical ability, and more—feels safe and included at Kite.

Interested in joining the Kite Crew?
Here’s what to expect when you apply:

First-round review (Week 1)

We care about way more than your résumé. We welcome freshers, talent without brand-name experience, and people without university degrees. What matters is your drive. You can even send us a video talking about your story, why you want to work at Kite, or whatever else you see fit. You’re guaranteed to hear from us, even if we decline your application.

Preliminary call (Week 1)

Let’s chat! We just want to know where you’re at in your career, a little more about your work experience, and (again) why you’re interested in working at Kite.

Technical round (Week 2)

We want to solve problems with you to understand how you would approach a challenge if you worked on our team. The specifics differ for every position, but this round can be everything from a real-life challenge to a mini-hackathon.

Final interview (Week 3)

Meet the team! Visit the office, meet the people you might dress up with for Halloween, and see whether Kite is right for you. We can do this on Skype if you’re outside Delhi. Expect a response from us ASAP after this round.

Join our Team at Kite!